Election Day


Election Day - GOTV (“Get Out the Vote”)

There are a number of oppurtunites to get out the vote with the 42nd Ward on Election Day!


PollWatcher – A pollwatcher monitors the actions of the election judges in a specific polling location all day.  Their job is to mark people off the list of identified voters as they come to vote and report back to the campaign periodically throughout the day.


Close poll – Volunteers who close the polls at 7:00pm are allowed to remain in the polling location and are able to observe the consolidating of the results and to obtain an Official Election Results Report after the election judges and the polling place administrator have printed the result tapes needed to complete their duties. 


Lawyer – We have a number of lawyers working on Election Day to watch/monitor all of the precincts and polling locations in the 42nd Ward.  As campaign headquarters gets calls with questions, we will dispatch the attorneys to oversee any abnormalities.  We will also position lawyers to close polls in locations that have typically had issues during closings.


Election Judge - Become a Judge of Election! For more information and to apply, visit the Chicago Board of Elections website

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