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Alderman Reilly's next Club 42 event will be at a spot that pays tribute to all things American--American Junkie!

C42 at American Junkie


As the Chicago Tribune recently reported (see the August 7th article below), new voter registration cards have been mailed to all registered voters in the City of Chicago. To check your Ward and Precinct, please click here to be redirected to the Chicago Board of Elections website. All of the new ward maps can be viewed here.


policepresenceIncreased Police Presence


Today is Election Day! All polling locations in the City of Chicago are open from 6am-7pm and if you need help locating your polling location, please check the Chicago Board of Election's website here. Here are my endorsed candidates:

The 42nd Ward
Democratic Ticket


The 2012 Primary Election takes place on Tuesday, March 20th. Check your voter registration status, polling location and view a sample ballot by clicking here.



...As for a downtown among the country’s biggest cities, none come close to Chicago for its range of offerings and combination of stunning architectural monuments, waterside views, shopping options and recreational opportunities. Stare up at the austere exactitude of Mies van der Rohe’s buildings (such as the black tower of the IBM Plaza), wander through the packed halls of the Chicago Institute of Art to view its impressive collection, or catch a speedboat off Navy Pier to tour the Lake Michigan waterfront.


Cities and their surrounding metro regions are the real economic engines of our time. Bringing together talented, ambitious people and the assets they need to succeed, cities propel the innovation and enterprise that spur long-term prosperity. Economists increasingly argue that clustering, concentration, and density stand alongside land, labor, and capital as key features that shape economic growth. 


In City Hall’s Department of Family and Support Services, the relatively small band of employees receive supervision from no less than one commissioner, 14 deputy commissioners, 4 assistant commissioners, 6 assistants to the commissioner and 17 others with the word “director” in their titles.

Budget consultants hired by city-employee unions calculate that the department has more than 200 employees in various supervisory roles and 334 “front line” workers, for a ratio of about 1.6 staff members per manager.

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